JATO Sales Link


Sell more and sell better with a FREE data-driven insights

product for your franchised car dealership 


JATO Sales Link is a free tool that compares new vehicle sales data and provides key insights so that you can:

■ Stock what sells by ordering vehicles with most popular specs.

■ Optimise your pricing by seeing discounts applied and final sales price.

■ Close more deals by guiding sales teams on the most desirable features.

■ Create data-driven marketing content in seconds with our AI content generator.






Key Features


Data from millions of transactions over 55 makes across EU5 - and growing!




Ready to get going?


If you’re ready, we can create a free account for you to start benefitting from market data straight away. You can also choose to have a free account and a 30-minute remote demo with a product specialist.  Simply select which option you’d like on our form below. If you’re a consultant/ supplier, please email jatosaleslink@jato.com


What happens next?

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    Free account creation

    Use the form above to create an account.  If you'd like a remote demo, select "demo request" on the form.

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    We’ll verify your account shortly after we’ve received your request and email you to confirm your access.

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    Data feed

    If you want to share your data, simply approve a data sharing form. This is available within Sales Link.

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    Rich insights

    You're all set! Start analysing your market trends and see valuable insights to guide your decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question that we haven't covered? Email: jatosaleslink@jato.com

  • Is Sales Link really free?

    Yes. Sales Link is free to set up and free to use for all franchised car dealers. There is no contract or minimum term and no cost to set-up data feeds.

  • Is my data secure?

    Absolutely! Firstly, JATO only collects vehicle sales data and no customer information and links directly to your DMS. All data is passed using secure feeds and is GDPR compliant. 

    Remember, sharing data is optional for data comparison. You can still use Sales Link even without a data feed 

  • Who will see my data?

    Within Sales Link, your data is visible to your users only. The market view of how you compare to other dealers is annoymised and gathered from thousands of real transactions, supplied by hundreds of dealers who are already using the tool.

    No other dealers will see your transaction data with the application

About JATO


JATO offers a range of trusted solutions to the automotive industry for nearly 40 years, employs over 800 experts around the world and supports customers in 52 countries. It specialises in data, insights and market analysis to all aspects of the motor industry from OEMs, to NSCs, to dealerships.

JATO Sales Link draws from JATO’s vast database of propriety specs data, which is renowned for its precision and reliability, as well as transactions data (with consent) from dealerships like you.

That means you can trust in the numbers that drive your decisions, knowing that they’re backed by industry-leading data experts.

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