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Sales Link

Data driven insights for franchised car dealers


Market insights you can trust.

Sales Link gives you unrivalled access to the most comprehensive market view of new vehicle sales data, analysing sales data for hundreds of franchised car dealers and thousands of transactions. It’s completely FREE and provides actionable insights on sales performance and market trends.
  • Group-115

    Trending vehicles

    Keep on top of demand trends within your market, see which trims, and specs are popular
  • Group-116

    Option Uptake

    Track the options consumers are adding to vehicles and how you compare to other dealers
  • Group-117

    Final Sale Price

    Monitor your final transaction price and any discounts against MSRP you’re giving vs. the market
  • Group-118

    Model Mix

    Total transaction volumes as well as detail on model and trim performance for your brands and others in your market

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Available for franchised car dealers across the UK

How it works

Sales Link is driven by data supplied from vehicle dealers across the UK. All data is aggregated and annoymised to provide users with insights into key trends and pricing data.

We collect data through secure DMS feeds of new car transactional data and validate this against JATO's global new vehicle specs data.

All data is transferred securely and we have integrations in place with all of the major DMS providers across Europe. If you choose to share your data, you'll see the performance for your dealership(s), alongside a market view of sales data for all vehicle brands. 

Sales Link compares what you sell, and how you sell it, with the rest of your market.


Getting Started

Getting up and running with Sales Link is easy! If you're a franchised car dealership, simply request your free account using your business e-mail address and your account will be verified within a few hours.

For dealers looking to get the most of the application by comparing your data to the rest of the market, we'll need to get a data feed in place. That's easy too, as JATO has data feeds in place with all major DMS providers. 

In Sales Link, you can choose to upgrade and request the set-up of a data feed, or speak to one of our Account Management team to discuss the process

Setup Steps:

  • Account Creation

    Sign up for your free Sales Link Account
    Use the link in this page or request a demo from one of the team if you want to learn more about the product 
  • Get Access

    JATO will verify your account
    This will take a maximum of 4 business hours and we'll e-mail you to confirm your access is available 
  • Data Feed

    Option to share data
    If you want to compare your sales data to the market data, we'll need you to approve a data sharing form. This is available within the Sales Link product 
  • Rich Insights

    You are now live on Sales Link
    Start analysing your market trends and see valuable insights on vehicle sales data for thousands of retail transactions


  • Is Sales Link really free?

    Yes. Sales Link is free to set up and free to use for all franchised car dealers. There is no contract or minimum term and no cost to set-up data feeds.

  • Who is Sales Link for?

    Sales Link is purpose built for franchised car dealers because it analyses market data on new vehicle sales.


    If you are not a car dealer but would like to know more about our Sales Link solution, please contact us through out JATO website -

  • How easy is it to set up?

    We take care of everything. Once we have your approval, we’ll liaise with the DMS provider and will just require and IT/Support contact from you to assist with the set-up process.

  • Is my data secure?

    Absolutely! Firstly, JATO only collects vehicle sales data and no customer information and links directly to your DMS. All data is passed using secure feeds and is GDPR compliant. 


    Remember, sharing data is optional for data comparison. You can still use Sales Link even without a data feed 

  • Who will see my data?

    Within Sales Link, your data is visible to your users only. The market view of how you compare to other dealers is annoymised and gathered from thousands of real transactions, supplied by hundreds of dealers who are already using the tool.


    No other dealers will see your transaction data with the application

  • Can I have a product demonstration?

    If you want a demonstration of the product before signing up, we'd be happy to arrange a demonstration. Simply contact us using the form below and we can arrange a short demo


About JATO

JATO is one of the most trusted automotive brands, delivering data and insights to all aspects of the motor industry for nearly 40 years.

Employing over 800 experts around the world, our business supports customers in 52 countries.

JATO’s precision intelligence is trusted by over 85% of OEMs globally and its data powers vehicle sales and listing systems the world over.

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