vehicle finance

with Monthly Payments 





vehicle finance

with Monthly Payments 




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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have the answers.

  • What is JATO’s Monthly Payments? 

    Monthly Payments provides a new way to analyse automotive finance offers in the same way consumers do when buying a new vehicle. With insight into finance options across multiple brands in your market, you can better understand your customer’s purchasing choices.

    The unique dataset is accessible through JATO’s existing solutions and delivers compliant, reliable, timely insights, which allow you and your team to make data-informed business decisions, be more efficient with your resources and save time. 

  • What's the scope of the data? 

    Monthly Payments covers the most common monthly payment contracts for private customers, including personal contract purchase (PCP) and personal contract hire (PCH), also known as private lease or easy lease. 

    Operating business lease, full-service lease, long-term rental and subscription contracts are also covered by this definition. Monthly Payments excludes these and covers data about monthly payments for passenger vehicles for private persons on contracts with fixed duration (subscription offers and business leasing are not currently researched). 

    The initial release focuses on five European markets – Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain – covering more than 85% of each market value based on 80 models per country. There is an ongoing scope to expand data coverage to other markets with subsequent releases. 

  • How is the data provided and presented? 

    The Monthly Payments dataset is accessible through existing JATO delivery tools, such as JATO Net and V5. These are platforms that the majority our automotive customers are already familiar with. 

    Monthly Payments enables customers to make comparisons across brands, models, trim levels and more. Data detail covers various scenarios including, but not limited to, types of finance, deposit, mileage and contract duration options.

  • How often is the data updated? 

    The Monthly Payments dataset is updated monthly to support the most frequent monitoring of price positioning. This allows customers to monitor ongoing price trends but also predict upcoming ones to strengthen their pricing, marketing, and incentive strategies. 

    We follow a monthly research cycle to support both monthly and quarterly decision-making processes at OEMs but often, our team check for updates and changes every few days.

  • Why would I need Monthly Payments? 

    Giving you the market at your fingertips, Monthly Payments provides the most accurate, up-to-date, and standardised data, ready to inform your critical business decisions. We update our sources monthly, making sure intelligence remains up-to-date and relevant. With easy access to this data, you can ensure your time and resources are used where you need them most. 

    You may already be researching this intelligence yourself. However, using Monthly Payments data instead, you can not only free up internal resources, but also never have to worry about out-of-date insight and whether your intelligence is compliant to the industry regulations.

  • What if I need help interpreting the data? 

    JATO’s data is always collected, entered, and presented consistently, making it easy for you to interpret and analyse it based on your individual needs. However, if you ever need help with any of our data we can provide additional support, including data interpretation and analysis on a micro or macro level.  

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